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Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Beethovenplatz 1-2
99423 Weimar
Ms Nadin Zernitz

Round trip along the Ilm cycle path (6.3 km)

Go straight ahead from the hotel entrance and across Beethovenplatz. Turn left beyond the two giant stone chairs and follow the path. Now turn to the right and head down the small hill and then left along the River Ilm. With the Duchess Anna Amalia Library on your left, now turn right past the former ducal riding stables towards the palace.

Now cross the Ilm taking the large stone-built bridge ("Kegelbrücke"), turning left at the end of the bridge and heading down the steep incline to the banks of the Ilm. Once there, keep to the right. After ca. 200 m, the path meets up with a road; turn left along the cycle path at this point. You are now on the Ilm cycle path which will allow you to enjoy the River Ilm, that special forest feeling, and some real tranquillity.

Having headed below a bridge, you will pass a dog exercise area, continuing to follow the cycle path ("Radweg" signposts). After a small sharp bend to the left, you will come to the famous six-arched bridge, one of the widely visible landmarks of the city of Weimar. Pass below the bridge. A kilometre farther along the Ilm you will reach the turning point for this route at the 3 km point, just before reaching the water purification plant. Turn there and head back along the same route as you took out.

The route can be shortened (turn at the six-arched bridge - total route 4 km) or extended (turn at the Belvedere Palace Café - total length 8 km) according to individual preference!

Regardless of whether a gentle, relaxing run through natural surroundings is more to your taste or whether you prefer to pick up a bit of speed instead - this route offers the ideal conditions for all sorts of jogging and walking requirements.

A detailed handout is available containing jogging and walking route directions.