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Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Beethovenplatz 1-2
99423 Weimar
Ms Nadin Zernitz

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Weimar

Here with us in beautiful Weimar there are 2 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, on the one hand the ensemble "Classical Weimar" with 12 buildings and parks as well as the Bauhaus in Weimar.

Classical Weimar

The city of Weimar was for a long time the centre of German intellectual life, especially in the times of Goethe, Schiller and Heder the city enjoyed particular popularity. The "Classical Weimar" stands for the enlightened, courtly and bourgeois culture of the 1800's. UNESCO recognized the ensemble of buildings as a World Heritage Site in 1998, so you can visit and visit the various sites today.

They include:


In 1919 Walter Gropius founded a unique and completely new form of art school in Weimar. The Bauhaus represented a fusion of art and craftsmanship and is today considered the most important and influential educational institution for architecture, art and design from the 20th century. It is the birthplace of classical modernism in free and applied art.

Walter Gropius and Henry van de Velde, who is also the founder of the Bauhaus, wanted to revive craftsmanship by founding the school and to separate it from industrialisation.

The studies at the Bauhaus were divided into three different sections. The preliminary apprenticeship, in which the pupils mainly performed material exercises, the apprenticeship as a craftsman and the construction apprenticeship. Many pupils continued to work at the Bauhaus after their apprenticeship as masters.

However, the Bauhaus was expelled from Weimar to Dessau and finally to Berlin. In Berlin, the Bauhaus was closed in 1933 by the National Socialists because there was probably no other place connected to the Weimar Republic.

The UNESCO World Committee decided to nominate the Bauhaus sites as World Heritage Sites in 1996.

In 2019, the Bauhaus celebrates its jubilee and at the same time celebrates the opening of the new bauhaus museum weimar. More information can be found here.