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Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Dorint Am Goethepark Weimar
Beethovenplatz 1-2
99423 Weimar
Ms Nadin Zernitz

Weimar, home of some great German classics

A visit to Weimar is like a journey back in time, to the historic heights of German culture. Not only Goethe and Schiller, Herder and Wieland, but also the musical geniuses of Bach and Listzt were drawn to Weimar. And later, the great designers Gropius and Henry van de Velde. Throughout Weimar, we find evidence of its great history as a city of art and culture. Museums and memorials, like the restored Duchess Anna Amalia Library as well as the Goethe and Schiller Houses, give an insight into an earlier age of great creative output. Also the garden art of those times – Belvedere and Tiefurt – is impressively on display in the park along the river Ilm.

So old and yet so modern – the exhibits in the Bauhaus Museum, dedicated to the design revolution of the 1920’s, will amaze you.

However, you can also follow the trail of darker times in German history, when you visit the former concentration camp at Buchenwald.

A visit to Weimar is like a journey through German cultural history, a city as unique as the great works which were created here! Experience a close encounter with history and feel reenergized when you enjoy an eventful stay with us at the 4-star Dorint Hotel Am Goethepark Weimar!

Trips & Nature

ADAC Driving Safety Centre Thuringia

Hiking and cykling routes

The Weimar region boasts a host of hiking and cycling trails which encourage ‘active relaxation’, whilst enjoying the magnificent natural surroundings and the region’s rich ...


GolfResort Weimarer Land

Near the city of Weimar, there is one of the most beautyful Golf Resorts of Germany.


Anna Amalia Library

Anna Amalia’s ‘Green Castle’ has been changed into a library, incorporating a wonderful mélange of book and art collections in a beautiful architectural setting. The Rococo ..

Weimar Cultural Center

With its repertoire of up to 600 performances throughout the year, the German National Theater enjoys a reputation that goes far beyond the borders of Thuringia. The Arts Festival has become a ...

Bauhaus University - Main Building

The Henry-van-de-Velde building is one of the most important art school buildings of the turn of the last century, and in 1919 the Bauhaus was established here. ‘Weimar’ and ...

Museums and famous buildings

Bearing witness to the city’s notable ranking as a cultural historic center we find more than 20 buildings, the most important of which are the Goethe House, the National Museum and the ...

Kochberg Palace with his Historic Private Theatre

Castles, parks and gardens

In addition to the city castle (Stadtschloss), in Weimar we find the Belvedere Pleasure Palace as well as the castles at Tiefurt and Ettersburg, in magnificent natural surroundings. The park along ...

Tourist-Information Weimar

Tourist-Information Weimar
Markt 10
99423 Weimar

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